Big kicks football – YEAR 2+ – KENILWORTH

Big kicks football – YEAR 2+ – KENILWORTH

“ The best football coaching in Warwickshire “

The session: This is an exciting session for players who want to increase their skill level and game play. All in a fun environment with a great coach to child ratio so they get great coaching points throughout. Suitable for beginners and advanced players as theyre split into age and ability groups.

Fun and exciting session working on players individual technique. This session also branches off into one of our DF sport teams so that players get used to playing against other teams.
Most players can also train mid week additionally with DF sports weather it be in a group session mid-week or private 1:1 session.

DF sports team:

When players start big kicks we also split then into teams to represent df sports in local matches, they play regularly and also enter summer tournaments, tours away and we host social events for the kids such as stadium tours, bowling, mini golf, cinema, etc

This has been a great success with players gaining a year match experience over many other teams.

We are partnered with local teams so players can leave the big kicks session and play in a team when starting school year 3 but also remain training with DF SPORTS if they want to.

We have partnerships with all local junior Kenilworth clubs as well as our own df teams.

The purpose of Saturday mornings is for players to improve on key skills whilst learning to play football and most of all enjoying it, they continue this throughout the DF SPORTS PROGRAM until they are ready to move on to a club or represent one of our DF sport teams.

I look forward to personally meeting you at your free trial session.